Building Safety Act

Are you getting ready for the new Building Safety regime?

The Building Safety Act 2022 is an overarching new legislation which will reform the safety and standards for all buildings.  Although the Building Safety Act is not coming into full effect till October 2024, many of its parts will need to be in place earlier.

Changes brought by the Act affect the whole life-cycle of the building, therefore every company should familiarise themselves with the new concepts introduced by the Act and follow closely the development of the new building safety regulations. The following 3mins video will give you this introduction and some idea of how the Act will impact your company and practice:

Actuate UK applauds the ambitions of the new Act and the alliance is working with industry and Government towards its implementation. It is important to make this a practical piece of legislation in the spirit of the Hackitt review of Building Safety regulations.

     * NEW - Read our latest briefing on changes to Building Safety Regulations, as a result of Building Safety Act, from 1st October 2023

We all need to be kept informed and we will be updating these pages as new information comes in and more resources are developed.

Below are some useful links:

HSE/Building Safety Regulator – information and links to the Building Safety Regulator, new guidance and consultations:

Government page on Building Safety Act information (you can check the latest consultations on the implementation of the Act):

You can also read the Act:

Actuate UK Member resources


Webinar on Safety and construction products

Webinar: Safety and construction products - recommendations for safer buildings

Dame Judith Hackett called it the key missing part of the building safety regulatory reform: how can we ensure we use safe products within the right context and system.
The Independent Review of the Construction Product Testing Regime has made recommendations to Government and industry in relation to product safety checks and testing. While we are still waiting on the Government response and possible secondary legislation, we unpack with Paul Morrell OBE, one of the authors of the review, key recommendations and how they relate to engineering services.