Engineering & Building Services Skills Authority

A skills coalition of Actuate UK members together with BEAMA, CIPHE, MCS, TICA.

The Engineering and Building Services Skills Authority was convened by Actuate UK members together with other leading sector bodies, such as BEAMA, CIPHE, TICA and the standards organisation MCS, to provide a credible authoritative voice for skills across all engineering and building services. 

Key objectives of this skills coalition are to provide analysis based on transparent data on the sector skills demand and supply, and utilise this evidence to highlight needs, educate, influence policy makers and providers to close the skills shortage gaps with measurable interventions.

Underpinning this work is a shared commitment to support the transformation towards a safer and healthier built environment and achieving UK’s net zero targets within both domestic and non-domestic buildings. As well as Actuate UK and EBSSA member organisations, this will involve commitment and collaboration from right across engineering and building services, including employers, trade union representatives, other specialist trade bodies, certification organisations, professional institutions, education and government.

Our work with the Engineering Services Super Sector project

EBSSA is involved in the Construction Leadership Council's Skills Working Group 2, part of wider industry and government efforts to ‘raise the bar’ on individual competence within the built environment in line with the new post-Grenfell competence regime established by the Building Safety Act.

EBSSA is involved in the engineering services super sector and invites multiple installer disciplines to begin codifying standards and competences for the sector. More information here.

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