Engineering Services Alliance Guide to Local Skills Investmen Plans (LSIPs)

Engineering Services Alliance publishes guidance for Local Skills Investment Plans

During National Apprenticeship week, Actuate UK, the engineering services alliance, urges businesses to engage with the 38 Local Skills Investment Plans (LSIPs), who are aiming to align skills gaps with skills provision.

Alliance Members form part of a strong professional workforce whose businesses affect the air we breathe, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across every part of the built environment.  Engineering services already drive national energy resilience, strong, sustainable economic growth and the demand for more jobs.

Actuate UK recognises the need for industry to work with regional and local delivery bodies. It says, the professional skills needed by engineering services firms can be overlooked when it comes to delivering net zero. Yet, we are the interface between consumers, designers, construction and operators. Engaging with the LSIPs means we can highlight the need for many more skilled engineering services personnel to optimise, install and maintain new technologies.

A newly published Briefing Guide published by Actuate UK features resources and expertise from its members. It is designed to support engagement with the local and regional bodies (LSIPs) across England who will develop these plans later this Spring.

As the Briefing Guide highlights:

Being mostly SMEs, engineering services businesses can be challenging for others to engage with directly, especially if there is a desire for sustained dialogue over an extended period.

Engineering services trade organisations offer a gateway to engaging with their member firms based locally.”

The Engineering Services Briefing Guide for LSIPs is available on the Actuate UK Website.

Engineering & Building Services Skills Authority unveil work to codify competences & standards for industry

29 January 2024

The Engineering and Building Services Skills Authority (EBSSA) are inviting multiple installer disciplines to begin codifying standards and competences for the sector. This initiative is part of wider industry and government efforts to ‘raise the bar’ on individual competence within the built environment in line with the new post-Grenfell competence regime established by the Building Safety Act.

Actuate UK warns on changes to Net Zero policies

21 September 2023

The Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday (20/9/23) signals unpredictability and creates uncertainty for the many businesses in the engineering services sector investing, or looking to invest, in net zero transition. When it comes to plotting the route to a net zero 2050, industry needs certainties and targets that will incentivise such change, enable development of new skills, create new job opportunities and grow the green economy.